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Bella Coastal Events | This was a 6 week project where we worked in a team of three to redesign a client’s website. The main goal was to provide information without being overwhelming or too specific. Also the client wanted to have multiple ways to contact her and connect with her on social media. Below you can see the original website home page on the top/left versus the new home page on the bottom/right.

View Live internal link to my portfolio home page
Original front page of client's website New front page of client's website


After meeting with the client and discussing her goals for the new site, we started with doing wireframes of what each page might have and the overall flow of the site. We later put them into Balsamiq to present the concept to the client. Once we finalized the layout and content we presented our client with a final mock-up done in Adobe XD.

Whiteboard wireframe with post-its Balsamiq wireframe Adobe XD mockup

Wordpress Development

We wanted to make the website as easy to manage for our client as we could. We created a custom post type so she could upload new testimonials which had custom taxonomy terms so they could be filtered to the correct page. We also removed and customized the dashboard so it was clean and easy to use. Everything is dynamic so that if she decides to add more items, it will be generated by the existing loops.

Wordpress plugin code Wordpress dashboard functions

Mobile View / Navigation

We started mobile first and of course the mobile version is very important to our client. She didn't want there to be too much information to scroll through and the pictures to be reasonably sized. The client wanted a simple drop down and we ensured that it stayed accessible.

Mobile view of portfolio front page version 1 Mobile view of portfolio front page version 2

End Result

We ended up with a website that is simple and easy to maintain for our client. We maintained her soft pastel colours from her original branding. We ensured there is more focus on images/examples of her work than having it be heavy with text. We also made sure there were plenty of ways to contact her and connect through social media.

New wedding page, view of top New wedding page, view of bottom

Site Testing

We did site testing with a small group of people on the functionality and design of the site. We found that the initial word for social events was too vague as people thought it might be for social media. Therefore, we changed the word to celebrations and had much better results.

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